Team Building Fun

Welcome back dear shoemakers and making enthusiasts and a very happy New Year! 

We've firmly put 2019 behind us and are looking forward with a positive outlook to 2020. So far, it hasn't disappointed and we've started the year busy with school bookings and bespoke orders. Here's a snapshot of a fun evening with the Clear Score team making monogrammed, saddle stitched Italian leather card cases.

Getting to grips with heat creasing

Gluing the layers of the card case together

Punching the stitch holes

Saddle stitch - the mantra left through and up, right under, through and down

Success! Card cases finished and edges / surfaces buffed to a sheen with gum tragacanth 

Congratulations team Clear Score!

That's all from us for now. We'll be posting a little less on the blog this year, so if you'd like to keep up with our adventures, bespoke shoemaking and school activities please follow us at carreducker on Instagram and Facebook and bespokeshoe on Twitter.

Wishing you all a wonderful 2020 and happy shoemaking!
Deborah & James