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Friday, 5 April 2019

12-Day Shoemaking 1-to-1 Workshop

Welcome back good shoe enthusiasts and here we are already in April and gearing up for London Craft Week 8 - 12 May! More of that next week, but for now here's a snapshot of Kevin who is currently making a pair of straight toecap shoes.

All techniques were tried thread making - this was a favourite :)

Once the welt was stitched Kevin attached the shank and cork and skived and rasped it smooth

 Then it was on to preparing the sole...shaving off the loose material, glassing it smooth and then keying the surface ready for gluing

 Once Kevin had attached the sole, he nailed the heel and trimmed it carefully to shape before peening it close to the upper

We'll have a host more photos next week as Kevin has diligently kept a photo essay, so this is just a taster. So until then happy shoemaking!