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Friday, 25 January 2019

1-to-1 shoe making class - part II

Rachel's lovely photo of the workshop with Frankey and Maud enjoying tea break on a Friday afternoon
Welcome back good shoe folk and here we are as January comes to a dramatic end with the lunar eclipse or red-blood wolf moon and Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day and the Independent Shoemakers' Conference coming fast on its heels!

Heel building

We promised you the final pics of Rachel's shoe making journey and here they are...a great job with no nicks or scratches on the upper and lovely neat edges as you can see. 
Layer by layer

Then onto finishing , setting edges and...

the satisfaction of giving them a good polish

Using the polish brush to get the polish into the welt join

And around the heel seat

Choosing matching burgundy waxed cotton laces
Rightly proud!

We're looking forward to seeing photos of Mike wearing them but until then and until next week, happy shoemaking!