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Saturday, 23 March 2019

A Wonderful Workshop Friday

Welcome back good shoe folk and here's a snapshot of the workshop this week...four of us at the bench all busy on various shoe making jobs.

We were delighted to get Keith's shoes back from Kings of Somerset where they have been expertly soled and heeled. Keith took our new one-day hand lasting workshop and did a great job lasting his first pair of shoes.

There's a host of styles to choose from including a Wholecut, Oxford and Derby with or without toecaps. Keith chose a burgundy, brogued toecap Derby.

After a good nourish and polish, they were ready to go and are winging their way to him as I write.

It was Frankey's last day training with us and she's just about finished her natural veg tan upper boots. 

But she won't be gone for good as she'll be popping in to teach saddle stitch workshops and hopefully to show us what she's up to at Cockpit Arts in Deptford.

Maud's been working on a beautiful pair of shoes of her own design also in the natural veg. tan leather. Shanks and corks went in today so she'll be stitching on the sole at home before coming back to get the heels built and the shoes finished.

And James is busy making these beautiful crocodile creations. A favourite new women's bespoke design...

So it was a fun end to the week with a goodbye lunch for Frankey and a busy afternoon of chat, buffing and making.

 That's all from us for now. Have a great week and happy shoemaking!

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