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Saturday, 24 November 2018

Christmas Open Studios 2018

Welcome back good shoe makers and shoe enthusiasts and here we are, it's that time again Christmas Open Studios at Cockpit Arts. It's our twice-yearly opportunity to throw the doors open and welcome everyone in to see what we designer makers get up to.

The team at Cockpit have been working their socks off to make sure as many Londoners as possible know about it... 

and we're excited to have so many wonderful things to showcase and sell alongside our beautiful bespoke work.

QEST's new book celebrating British craftsmanship is on sale from us at £45 (rrp £50)
as is the wonderful Forge and Carve telling the story of 18 different craftspeople  £20 (rrp £24)
We've a host of different value Gift Cards to take the stress out of choosing the right gift...

And our own new shoe polish, made in the Scottish borders from carnauba and beeswax is available in black, brown and neutral; alongside some beautiful beeswax blocks, the perfect gift for the shoemaker, craftsman, upholsterer or furniture maker in your life...or just because they are beautiful.

Smart and cosy Christmas socks - some traditions should never be broken!
New tins of Carreducker polish made in the Scottish borders - singles
or trios of neutral, brown and black

Time to get making....why not gift making a pair of shoes on our 1, 5 or 12 day shoe making courses; as an evening class; or an evening or weekend saddle stitch class?
All of our courses are available to book online on our website....

...and we now have beautiful leather key fobs in tangerine and chocolate Italian veg. tan leather and card cases hand stitched and gift boxed

Tor boot customers...we have some very special limited edition leathers available for you to order your next pair of boots in...but be quick there is only enough leather for one or two pairs! 

Moss green veg. tan Italian calf - 2 pairs only
Heather veg tan Italian calf - 1 pair only
Russian calf - 2 pairs only
Smog veg tan leather - 2 pairs only

And show casing some new bespoke samples including these chic winter boots in the heather veg. tan shown above. (You can see how dark the leather gets with cream and polish...very plummy!) 

If there's anything that catches your eye and you'd like to do a little gift shopping with us then please drop us an email... but be quick as we have very limited stock and will be selling all weekend.

Until next week, happy shoe making and a belated happy Thanksgiving!