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Friday, 16 November 2018

A team experience at Studio 50

Welcome back good shoe folk. We're celebrating our first team experience at the Shoe & Leather School which took place last night. We hosted the Canaletto team who came together to make wonderful key fobs under Frankey's watchful eye and careful guidance, 

Explaining the benefits of veg tan leather

Applying gum tragacanth

Synchronised burnishing...

Tools all set for action

Punching the brogue pattern proved a popular and therapeutic activity after a busy week

Hemma, Noush and Helen looking forward to using the mallet

Lou, Anna and Alex watch on attentively

Getting down to stitching

Clare and Hemma




dining on a delicious Mediterranean supper from Humdingers Catering in our versatile second space...(dressed with a linen tablecloth, white 'hobnail' Portuguese plates and candles for the evening)

and celebrating a great evening with a glass of fizz at the end! 

Thank you and well done to Helen and her team!


Finally, if you are in London next weekend why not pop into Open Studios here at Cockpit Arts in Holborn? All of the studios are open to the public for a weekend of Christmas Shopping, buying beautiful things straight from their makers and designers. We're open Friday from 1 - 8pm and Saturday and Sunday 11am - 6pm.

Until next week happy shoe making!