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Friday, 14 September 2018

Norwegian Masterclass and Savile Row Window Display

Welcome back good shoe folk we hope that it's been a good week. We've jumped right back into it, after the summer, with two alumni joining us for a Norwegian welt masterclass (more on that next week); our 15 seconds of fame on BBC London talking about Make More Festival and the BBC's Inside Out programme talking about making and manufacturing in the East End; a party to help Purdey launch the shooting season; and a return to the window at Savile Row to help Gieves and Hawkes celebrate it's new Autumn/Winter season launch!

Thanks to Andy and the in-house merchandising team we're sitting in style overlooking Vigo Street, 

 where we're demonstrating handsewn welting and military shine.

We're there today, Friday, from 2 - 4pm and 5 - 7pm; and tomorrow from 2 - 4pm. Do come by, wave, take a photo and have a chat if you are passing!

Whilst Savile Row celebrated its new Civic Road Scheme last night, we nipped up the road to South Audley Street where Purdey was celebrating the start of the season. Audley House was packed, but we managed to squeeze in around the grand table in the historic Long Room for a presentation by Creative Director, Corinne Metcalf on the new performance fabrics being brought into the clothing collection and their benefits. Lightweight, waterproof and warm were the watchwords. 

The Long Room

It was also an honour to meet Richard Purdey, a great gentleman and to hear from CEO James Horne standing at the head of the long table that takes pride of place in the Long Room. (It was introduced in 1938 to cover the 'well' which had originally given a view down into the workshops below).

The new Ladies' shooting jacket with signature pocket design, shaped sleeves and belted waist for a more fitted silhouette

Apres-shoot and for the weekend a sumptuous cashmere coat with a tulip hem  saw Purdey step out of its tweedy comfort zone and embrace the luxurious - and a change of colour  -  in GREY! 
That's it for this week. To our shoe friends in the Carolinas, stay safe, and until next week happy shoemaking.