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Friday, 24 August 2018

The Makemore Festival - Demonstrations, Classes and the BBC

Hello again, lovely shoe people, and welcome to this week's exciting post, we know you have been waiting all week.

Well, we started the Makemore Festival yesterday and it was a thoroughly enjoyable and productive day.

This is our home for the next four days, until Monday the 27th, the Yodomo Tent. So if you feel inspired, come and see us, it's a great day out.

And these are our talented neighbours

After a short and smooth set up, we opened to the public in the afternoon, kicking off with a three hour shoe making demonstration which included skiving toe puffs and stiffeners; making the holdfast; and lasting.

People always love to see craft in action and our punters were no different

And come the evening, we did our Buff and Bevvy session where people came and learned the basics of shoe care and polishing, accompanied by a glass of extremely delicious single malt Irish whisky. We had some alumni of the school and some people who signed up on the day.

Before and After

It was relaxed, informative and, for those of you not acquainted with the pleasures of polishing, a lot of fun. We are doing another one this evening, Friday 24th, if you fancy coming along.

A highlight for us was being filmed and interviewed for the BBc London News which aired last night at 6.30 if you want to see it on catch up. Well done Deborah, all key messages given in a couple of pithy sentences - perfect.

Our host for the festival is Yodomo which is an online learning platform covering many crafts and creative activities where we will be posting learning video packages in the non too distant future.
They have just done a successful crowd funding campaign on Seedrs, so expect a lot from them in the next few months

So a big thank you to Sophie Rochester, our host who has set up a great learning and making space for the duration of the festival

Sophie Rochester

Over the weekend, we will be teaching two saddle stitch key fob classes (Saturday and Sunday, 2 till 4pm) and another shoe making demo on Monday, 12 till 2.
Please come along, we would love to see you there

Until next week, happy shoemaking!