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Friday, 3 August 2018

12-Day Shoe Making Course - the Sequel

Welcome back good shoe folk of the world and here we are already at the end of the first week of our second summer 12-Day Shoe Making course! Where has the wonderfully hot summer gone?

The days and hours are quickly passing as our seven students are finding...time flies when you're having fun and making shoes!

 Here's their first week in a snapshot...

Scott blocking the insole

Marion preparing the welt

Shin and Sam blocking insoles

Sabina flexing some muscle trimming her insole

Julius trimming the insole at the toe

Left and right handed Scott and Olu preparing their insoles

And here is Olu welting by hand

With seven students it's a lot of fun. The same amount of hard work though. This is a lovely group, full of energy which you definitely need to make a pair of shoes by hand in 12 days,

And this week, we got a beautiful pair of sample shoes for our new 1 Day and 5 Day shoemaking classes which we will be starting in the Autumn.

Just think, you could make a pair of these luscious lovelies, hand lasted (1 day) or hand welted (5 Day) by you and finished by the amazing team at Kings of Somerset. Watch this space!

You could make a pair of these burgundy wholecuts

That's all for this week, folks. Until next week, happy shoemaking!