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Friday, 27 July 2018

5-Day Footwear Pattern Making Course and 12-Day Intensive Shoemaking - the Results

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, and some finished shoes to show you.

This week, our expert pattern making tutor, Fiona Campbell, has been teaching our 5 day pattern making for bespoke shoes.

Fiona demonstrating

This course teaches the basics of pattern making - taping the last; making the master; making the mean forme; and breaking down the pattern pieces.

They started the week with a loafer pattern

And moved on through the week to an Oxford pattern and a Derby pattern. We think that with these three patterns, you can more or less make a pattern for any kind of shoe style.

Great to see the students working together
One to one attention is possible with the maximum class size of 8

Concentration required
Happy,smiling students after five days of hard work

So well done to all our pattern making students on a productive and enjoyable week.

On a different subject, the first 12 day intensive course of the summer finished on Saturday and was a great success Our intrepid students all produced some fine work, we hope you will agree. Well done to all of them.

Excellent finished shoes

That is a face of happiness and fulfilment

We love a coloured lace!
These two short videos show the pleasure of taking out the last at the end of the process - a truly satisfying moment.

We have another 12 day intensive shoe making course starting next week with seven new students eager to learn handsewn shoe making. Several of them have done both the pattern making and the shoe making to give themselves a real kickstart. This is why we we sandwich two 12 day shoe making courses around the pattern making course. It seems to work brilliantly

So, dear readers, until next week, happy shoemaking!