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Friday, 15 June 2018

Key Fob Classes

Hello again to one and all, we hope you have had a pleasant and productive week.

We at Carreducker are mad busy with the new school, getting all of our new classes off the ground.

This morning we went to Batchelors in Culford Mews, Dalston to try out our new press knives for the small leather goods classes we are running because next week we are doing a trial run with family and friends to get a handle on how long it takes regular punters to make the beautiful objects our clever tutor, Frankey, produces with a flourish in minutes (slight exaggeration!).

Hope you agree that it is beautiful.

The press knife worked beautifully and we now have handfuls of key fob blanks in orange and brown ready for class.

And here is the trusty press knife.

And just think - this could be you. Imagine the feeling of satisfaction as you open your front door and think, I made that!

The website is nearly ready too, so be patient and watch this space. We can't wait to welcome you onto one of new classes at our beautiful new school in Shoreditch

Until next week, happy shoemaking! And saddle stitching!