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Friday, 25 May 2018

Afternoon Tea at Buckingham Palace

Welcome back good shoe folk and what a frantic few weeks its been. Relieved in the knowledge that the master is well and truly on the mend, I was able to swan off for a wonderful time spent following a very English tradition - afternoon tea. 

The fact that it was at Buckingham Palace only added to the delight! The celebrations were for HRH The Prince of Wales' patronage - he supports hundreds of charities - including QEST, the charitable arm of the Royal Warrant Holders Association which, I am proud to say, supported me in my shoe making training many many years ago.

Looking across the pond to the gardens

Relieved to be let in!

Chic nails don't hide the working hands 

My partner in crime for the afternoon, designer goldsmith and silversmith, Wayne Meeten

As you can see many, many organisation were represented

Prince Harry the Duke of Sussex gave a charming, teasing speech about his father before being harassed by a bee!

There were some wonderful uniforms from around the Commonwealth -
Ghurkas, Mountees and my favourites, the Scots Guards

Never off duty, I couldn't help admiring their spats...buttoned and boned?

As it was the Duke and Duchess of Sussex' first official engagement you can see how excited the crowd were to see them in person. 

I had no hope of seeing them, but Wayne was tall enough to take these lovely photos for me

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex

One of my favourite scenes - the Yeomen of the Guard marching across the lawn

HRH The Prince of Wales meeting the crowds

Tributes were paid to those affected by the Manchester bombing

I loved the many gentlemen in top hats - a great look

 This was such a special occasion for us, so please forgive the lack of shoe news. Until next week, happy shoemaking!