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Friday, 18 May 2018

One to One Shoe Making Training

One more time, we welcome you to our blog and hope that you have had a great week

After an amazing London Craft Week last week, we have returned to the workshop and started the week with a new one to one student, Marion, who will be here with us over the next two weeks to hand stitch a pair of shoes with us.
She did the degree in footwear at de Montfort University but wanted more knowledge of hand skills, so she turned to Carreducker

We take quite a few one to one students through the year and they come to us from anything from two weeks to a whole year. We also tailor their timetable to suit their lives, so they might come every day; one or more days per week; or some other combination. For example, we have a Korean shoemaker, Jove, who comes to us three afternoons per week for six months
They come from all sorts of backgrounds and countries and have very different levels of experience, from complete beginners to more experienced shoemakers.

Marion started the week with preparing the insole. Here it is soaked and the blocking process is beginning.

Next she let it dry and carved the holdfast/feather with her knife and made holes with her awl.

Next came lasting - skiving the puffs and stiffs, lasting the forepart; lasting the heel; lasting the forepart lining and toe puff; and finally shaping the puffs.

And she finished the week with welting which she thoroughly enjoyed - "I could do this all day". That's lucky because that is exactly what she has done today.

One shoe with the welting finished. She will finish the other one over the weekend.

One to one training is a fantastic way to learn. It is tailored to you and you can decide what to learn, from the basics of hand welting to a bevelled waist or storm welt. We are at your service!

We also offer much shorter spells to learn specific skills called masterclasses. These are aimed at more experienced shoemakers who want to learn a new technique.

So whether you are a complete beginner looking to make your first pair of hand welted shoes or a seasoned pro who wants to add another string to your bow, Carreducker can help. All you need to do is ask -

And that is it for this week. Until next time, happy shoemaking!