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Friday, 17 November 2017

Christmas Shopping at Open Studios

Welcome back good shoe folk and here we are, already at Christmas Open Studios. Why does it feel like summer only just finished!

But we're getting in the festive mood - the elves have been busy decorating - and there will be a warm welcome and a selection of great gifts in studio W9 next weekend. 

Importantly, we've tried to take some of the stress out of Christmas with something for everyone from our stocking fillers and boxed gift sets to 'the ultimate' Christmas present! 

First up are our 'Socks in a box' from a set of four stylish lightweight socks... 

to single boxes of cosy winter socks in delicious petrol blue

and forest marl

Then there are our 'everyone should have at least one of these' travel and wardrobe shoehorns - Carreducker-branded, Christmas wrapped and boxed naturally.

 And new this year for shoe lovers the world over are miniature shoe last tree decorations...

It doesn't get more ultimate than a pair of bespoke shoes or an intensive shoemaking course and we've got just the thing to put under the tree, the Carreducker Promise. A hand written card in an English waxed leather luggage tag, wrapped an boxed. Job done! The lucky recipient just has to contact us to arrange their bespoke appointment or to choose which course they would like to attend.

As you know, we've been busy developing and making ready to wear shoes and boots over the last few years and Open Studios is always sale time of past season's colours and work-in-progress samples. 

So if the shoe fits...

Hope to see you next weekend if you're in London (here's the link for the Holborn address, dates and times) and if you're not and there's anything that you would like to order for Christmas - shoes, boots tools or making kits - please do get in touch.

Until next week, happy shoemaking!