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Friday, 13 October 2017

Intensive shoemaking course - week 2

Last day under James' watchful eye.

Welcome back good shoe folk of the world! Here's the second post about our intensive shoemaking students, a stalwart group of guys and gals aged mid 20s to early 60s for whom this has been their first time making shoes by hand!

Unsurprisingly there have been sore hands, sore backs, sore knees, sore almost everything...with one exception, Travers, who has smiled through....until Wednesday that is, when heel building got the better of him. Thankfully he's back on form today 😃 

But if you were ever in any doubt about how intensive the intensive course is...there's a clue! 

This week the group have stitched soles,

Jodie - "squeeze with the knees!"

...shaped sole edges,

...built heels,

Miya pull skiving the split lift edges

Travers paring in the 'teeth' in the split lift

...shaped heels,

Peening the heel layers

Cutting the heel breast

...and begun finishing.

Bob rasping the heels

Matt rasping his heels

Leaning forward and in 

Miya rasping the heel breast

With 24 hours to go we'll show you the results next week. Wish them straight edges and smooth soles and until then, happy shoemaking!