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Friday, 6 October 2017

An International October Intensive Course

Welcome back good shoemaking folk and HUGE apologies for the blogging break...there's just been too much going on!

Anyway, we're back into the flow and mid way through the autumn intensive course with students from the UK, South Korea, Singapore, the USA and Spain.  Here's our photo diary of the group in action. 

From size 3 to a size 11

Settling in to the class rhythm

Bob appreciating the joys of 'skiving'

Getting ready to block the insole

Jodie blocking the insole

A wide range of sizes

Matt shaping his insole waist

De-fluffing ready to prepare the holdfast

The holdfast prepared

Skiving the surface smooth to create a smooth entry for the awl

Travers preparing his holdfast

At last, lasting!

Matt and Bruno lasting the toe and trimming the excess of the upper

Matt lasting

Bruno trimming

Jodie and Miya lasting their uppers at the toe
Welting gets under way on the first shoe

...and then the second

Travers welting up around the toe and down the other side
The photos don't really do justice to just how hard everyone has worked this week and we'll be sharing more of the group's journey next week. Until then, happy shoemaking!