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Friday, 15 September 2017

Shoemaking School - 10 years on

Welcome back good shoe folk of the world.

We had a lovely party on Wednesday night  celebrating 10 years of the Shoemaking School. We were so busy chatting and drinking that we didn't take any pics - sorry!

New York 2012

It was great to welcome new students joining us this and next term, to catch up with past students and to welcome our new Intermediate Evening Class tutor to the London team.

We reckon we have taught over 250 students over the years, here in London with Fiona and Alistair and with Jesse and Marika in New York.

London 2015

We're proud that the courses have proved so pivotal for so many people, spurring them on to realise their own ambitions, to take the plunge and change career, to simply give themselves a fresh challenge and to  continue shoemaking.

Our alumni include:

Alistair Raphael who has just finished his apprenticeship with us

Jesse Moore who co-founded  Brooklyn Bespoke and has relocated to Catskill to run her own shoe shop and studio.

Marika Verploegh Chassé, footwear lecturer at RISD and FIT. Also runs her own bespoke shoe company Stiefelwerk in Brooklyn

Kevin Rowley who founded children's shoe company, The Little Shoemaker, along with the 'elves' on the south coast

Tom Murphy who founded Chapter 2 shoes amongst other things

George Georgiou who runs our favourite repair shop in London, George Shoe Repairs

Ved Dhadphale who runs sneaker brand SVED

Frances Tobin who founded The Maker's Atelier which sells clothing patterns and making kits, very chic

Nicole Everett who has launched her own label "Shoes of EVRT"

Seiji McCarthy who runs his own shoemaking business in Japan

Nathan Baxter who runs a high end repair shop in Sydney, Baxter and Black

Michelle Quick who lectures in shoemaking in Savannah, Georgia (not strictly an alumnus but we mentored her while at Cordwainers in London)

We know a lot of our students make shoes in their spare time which is quite an undertaking. If we've missed anybody out, we apologise, memory not what it used to be! If you have studied with us and are making shoes, please let us know. We would love to hear from you.

This week we also finished a one to one course with the lovely Zada Ong from the Philippines. She was a great student and made a pair of shoes to be proud of.

Here's a pic of the finished shoes - nice job!

And that is it for this week. Have a great week and see you next time. Until then, happy shoemaking!