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Saturday, 26 August 2017

Tor Boots On Sale!

Hello everyone, we hope you have had a great week.

We have been madly getting our Kickstarter campaign ready and we are very pleased to say that is is now live.

This is where you can buy them at fantastic launch-only prices

Please take a look.

For you shoe fans, they have an amazing and unique construction - watch the video on Kickstarter to see.

And if you are a reader who has used the blog to help make a pair of shoes, or even if you have just enjoyed reading it over the years, we would like to ask a huge favour.

Could you copy the link above and share it on your social media?

That would be amazing. And incredibly helpful to spread the word and get the Tor Boots made. Thanks in advance guys.

We are very proud of these boots and we would like the see them worn right around the world.

Carreducker Tor boots, designed in London, made in England, travelling the world