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Friday, 5 May 2017

Clicking and Closing Bootcamp New York

Welcome back shoe fans! It's been a frantic week, London Craft Week set up, numerous (exciting) meetings, James off to New York and our three-day Clicking & Closing Bootcamp getting under way in new York, under Marika Verploegh Chasse's watchful eye! 

Here's how the students got on, on day one. They spend the first day working on their knife skills - we all know the difference a sharp knife can make - and skiving techniques...

Marci skiving edges
Bryan sharpening his blade

Punches ready for seam decoration detailing

Always handy, a sharp pricking awl
Then it was time to meet the sewing machine....a Highpost Consew 701 

and get to work on edge treatments, reinforcement techniques...

Working on seam edges 
and finally stitching sample seams.

A packed first day....I can't wait to see what else they cover in the next two days of the boot camp!

Until next week, with more news from London Craft Week and the New York Intensive Shoemaking Course starting on Monday, happy shoemaking!