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Friday, 28 April 2017

London Craft Week - LEATHER

Welcome back good shoe folk, this week sees a very important event in the crafts calendar ...London Craft Week!

We are honoured to have been invited by Bill Amberg, to be part of a unique exhibition of fourteen independent leatherworkers, curated by him in an exhibition at the City of London's Leathersellers Hall.

Bill Amberg speaking at the Cockpit Arts 30th anniversary last year
Designed by Eric Parry and with architectural leatherwork by Bill Amberg Studio, the livery hall is the seventh in the company's six-century history and was completed only last year. So this is one of the first opportunities the public will have to set foot inside.

Leather bench by Bill Amberg Studio

Leather balustrade and bench by Bill Amberg Studio

What excited us most about this exhibition is its focus on work in progress... the opportunity to show visitors how crafts practices dating back centuries influence contemporary products; 

Photography: Jamie Ferguson

how even the most functional of everyday objects, like shoes, can be the result of unfathomably complex and time-consuming hand-making processes.

Photography: Jamie Ferguson

...and the opportunity to showcase the aesthetic possibilities of leather as a modern day material. 

That, and showing our work alongside leather luminaries such as Bill, Mark Tallowin, Patrick Saddlery, Riina O, Una Burke, MacGregor and Michael, Sue Doggett, Georgina Brett Chinery, Pamela Woods, Georgina Goodman, Kari Furre, Trevor Lloyd and Whitaker Malem. (I have loved Whitaker Malem's work since a student and styled my Equus boot collection with pieces of their body armour ...worn by dressage Olympian Carl Hester no less! I'll see if I can find the photo......)

The exhibition is supported by the Leathersellers' partner livery companies, Cordwainers, Curriers, Coachmakers, Girdlers, Glovers, Stationers and Saddlers.

It is open to the public 10am - 5pm from Thursday 3rd May - Saturday 5th May. So, if you are in London, please do drop in to The Leathersellers Hall to take a look.

Until next week with an update from the clicking and closing boot camp in New York (and possibly that photo), happy shoemaking!