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Friday, 21 April 2017

Six years on - bespoke boot service

Welcome back good shoe folk....this week we had the pleasure of revisiting a pair of bespoke boots that we made over six years ago.

Six years wear and tear
This was their first visit back to us for a service and, aside from a layer of dirt and some water damage to the toe, they were looking pretty good!

The sole has been well worn, especially at the toe as you can see below....

Water stained and dirty
and the top piece was worn to half way through the rubber, so the customer had timed the service perfectly. We used a stiff brush to remove the loose dirt and then we gave them a good clean with shoe cream before we started the service.

Cleaned and creamed

We applied a rubber sticker sole to give the leather soles greater longevity. Then we replaced the heel top pieces and refinished the sole and heel edges with dye and wax.

Then we got to work on the uppers. We creamed and buffed them twice to really nourish the leather and to ensure that we had got rid of the embedded dirt.

First coat of polish

Then we applied a coat of navy polish, using a polish brush to work the polish into the welt/upper join. We left the polish on for a couple of hours before brushing it off with a soft brush.

Second coat of polish left for several hours and buffed off
We repeated the polish and buffing and once the leather had a good lustre to it we focused on the toes.

Buffed and military shine on the toe
Using water and polish we worked up a good shine.

High shine, new rubber sticker sole and heel top piece

Finished and ready for delivery
Then we packed the boots in shoe bags and delivered them back to a very happy customer. We will see them back again to replace the sticker sole as it wears through and the elastics will need replacing soon, but the customer should enjoy at least another year of wear.

That's it from us for now. Until next week, happy shoemaking!