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Saturday, 4 March 2017

Happy Students

Hello once more, dear readers. We hope you have had a fruitful and enjoyable week. We know life, love and work (most frequently) can have their ups and downs, but a definite up for us, at work, is having happy students.

We teach a lot of people from all over the world in the wonderful craft of handsewn shoes (it's not an art!). They all go through peaks and troughs in an arduous 2 weeks with us, but the one time when they're universally happy is when they finish their beloved shoes and try them on - such a sense of achievement and fulfilment.

This happened this afternoon with a student from the January course who had to leave a little early to go back to Japan. So she spent yesterday and today finishing her shoes. And a very good job she did, I have to say

Here are the finished shoes. What do you think?

The contrast laces look very cool.

We really enjoy teaching and showing people what we do and letting them do it themselves. And this is the result - it could be you! Go on, you know you want to. Next Intensive Shoemaking Courses in May in Brooklyn and August in London. Plus other courses throughout the year.

Akari and Deborah

One of the last things we do is give the students their certificate which, we are assured, are hung in pride of place.

 And this was the last thing we did in the afternoon and seemed to sum up everything we do at Carreducker - handmade shoes

More next week. Until we meet again, happy shoemaking!