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Friday, 3 February 2017

A Movie!

Hello again, dear shoe friends. We hope you have had a good week.

A simple post this week - our film from the Design Museum, The Brunswick. It charts the making of a pair of boots from preparing the insole to doing the finishing by hand. We tried to show all of the processes in a dynamic and engaging way by focusing in on the hands and the detail of the work

This is what Camilla Corr, our talented filmmaker says about the film

At its core, The Brunswick had to convey clearly the care and attention inherent in making a pair of handsewn shoes, as well as the technical mastery at play. In order to focus the audience's attention, Corr filled the frame with a mixture of close ups and extreme close ups of the boots, the tools being used, and the shoemaker's hands. The dominance of hands in the composition encourages the audience to engage with the sensory nature of the making process - the weight of the tools, the feel and texture of the leather, the soft, melting wax used to finish the heels. The editing also echoed the the shifting tempos of the process, with more lingering shots allowing the viewer to appreciate the slow sweeping motions of skiving long expanses of leather in sharp contrast with quick cuts to mirror the staccato hammering of nails in the heel building section.

One of the central aims of the film was to represent the methodical, flow-like state of the creative process by confining the visual narrative solely to the process with no cutaways of incidental curios from the workshop. The emphasis was squarely on craft, method and the beauty inherent in the pared down nature of both. The removal of extraneous details from the frame was intended to deliver an immersive, intensely focused experience for the viewer, mirroring the hyper-focused craft undertaken before them

I couldn't have put it better myself, Camilla

We are very proud of the film and hope you like it.

Until next week, happy shoemaking