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Friday, 13 January 2017

January's Shoe Making Course is under way!

Welcome back shoe fans. Already two weeks into a new year and it's all go at the workbench with our four January students and new evening class members!

Sharpening a shoemaker's friend or foe, his knife

Skiving stiffeners

Trimming the insole
Ploughing the lip on the insole

Marking the heel breast line
Marking the holdfast

Creating it in the insole

Lasting the lining

Shake it, shake it out... the cramp that is!

Glassing the welt
Making threads


...and more welting

As the second shoes get under way, that's it from us for this week. If you fancy taking on the shoemaking challenge, then you can see details and download booking forms for all of this year's courses on our website

Until next week, when we'll be posting more updates from the course, happy shoemaking!