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Friday, 16 June 2017

Tor boots in the making

Welcome back shoe fans! As some of you may have noticed England has been having a bit of a time of it recently, so it was wonderful to escape to the country this week, to get our Kickstarter filming under way.

We've been in the heart of the country, in the Peak District; home to Chatsworth House (think Downton Abbey and Hugh Bonneville) amongst other notable stately homes, some stunning landscape and some great people.

After a long drive up and a brief overnight pit stop in the stunning, but vertigo-challenging town of Matlock (it gives San Francisco a run for its money on the steepness front) ...we headed through the rolling hills...and got set up.

As you can see the machines were things of beauty...

We had a tight shooting schedule, which was made all the more difficult because everywhere we looked there was a fantastic machine, still life, composition or texture.



Below are our sample uppers clicked and ready to be stitched.

By the lovely Helen...

We followed the boots through the factory from clicking and closing to lasting. Then it was on to the star turn, the brass screw rivet machine.

The floor shook as Mike put it through its paces...

Power punching brass wire rivets through a
solid leather sole and insole some 2.5cm thick

This is what helps to give our new winter Tor boot it's distinct good looks...sturdy, stubborn and stylish!

More of our trip next week. Until then happy shoemaking!


Eshika Roy said...

Thank you sharing this intricate process of making handmade leather shoes. It takes a lot of expertise in making shoes. I think people should take it up as a profession and revive this gradually fading art. Looking forward to reading more interesting blogs in the future.

jimmyshoe said...

Thank you Eshika Roy, best, James