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Friday, 9 December 2016

Delight at the Design Museum

Welcome back dear shoe folk and we are delighted to say that, yes, we have finally made it to see our exhibit at the Design Museum. Before you groan, we promise this is the last Design Museum shout out for a while...our 15 seconds (well, 5 to 7 years in fact) of fame has been had.

It was particularly fun to visit the exhibit with Camilla Corr, the filmmaker who shot and edited our film and who has worked with us on our Kickstarter campaigns. 

Checking the colour balance
We were all excited, as last weekend the film received a shout out on a local London radio station as a favourite part of the exhibition. Very exciting stuff!

Admiring the lasts and beautiful, three-piece boot tree construction...a work of art

Relaxing the lacing on one of the boots so the bellows tongue is visible

As it should be, we sit in the shadows of the design greats -
underneath the chassis of a model T Ford

Our shoe making tool board and materials make the process look quite simple

It was exciting to watch people looking at your work

And we did take a moment to bathe in the glory...

And to have some fun!

Pink shell suit anyone?

Until next week and news of shoemaking - yes, we promise. Happy shoemaking!