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Friday, 18 November 2016

Carreducker and the English Handsewn Shoemaking Craft at the new DESIGN MUSEUM

And so, with great fanfare and after much anticipation, the new Design Museum opens in London. Well, nearly...
There are a few tweaks left to do before the grand opening on the 24th

But yesterday saw the Press Day where the world's press was invited to view the museum and interview its leading players - Sir Terence Conran (founder), Deyan Sudjic (director), and John Pawson (architect)

Photograph by Gravity Road

Built between 1959 and 1961 this is a unique building formed by a hyberbolic parabola upon which the rest of the building, the roof, walls etc is hung. It is spectacular, especially on the inside

Costing £83m, the building structure was renovated by OMA architects and once stabilised, architect John Pawson redesigned the interior.

The interior is beautiful, full of natural oak and Italian terrazzo with a huge cathedral like atrium as you enter where you can see the whole of the structure, including the parabolic concrete roof which soars above

Beautiful floating bence

Pres conference with the bigwigs 

Sir Terence Conran
The third floor is dedicated to a permanent exhibition called Designer Maker User which is the bit we are part of. Principally formed of the Museum's permanent collection, a select group of other companies have been invited to illustrate certain aspects of the Maker section.


A huge video wall with clips from all aspects of the exhibition included some from our films so we waited for the whole thing to loop through to get the best ones


There is a crowd sourced wall with iconic products voted by the public.

Natural cork tiles echo the triangles in the roof
The Maker section explores the evolution of manufacturing from shoes (us! First as you go in if you go) to the Model T Ford; from bentwood Thonet chairs to robotic arms and 3D printers. This section needs some last minute tweaks so we will show it's full glory in next week's post

Discussing the last minute tweaks before the opening on the 24th November 2017

The User section examines our relationship with the designed world.

Awesome Olivetti graphic design from the 70s and 80s

Any ideas what this is? Pinned up by chair frames...

This is scary - average sea temperatures whci have stayed constant for millenia. Until now

Beautiful family tree of small electronics

Of course we rocked up in fine footwear.

There are also 2 floors of temporary exhibitions which will change through the year, so with over 10,000 square metres of exhibition space and an expected 650,000 annual visitors , the Design Museum is the foremost centre dedicated to design in the world. 
So for a bespoke shoemakers like Carreducker to be included is a big deal, both for us and for the craft in general. For all of us who learn and train and make and work to keep this amazing trade alive. It's payback for the whole industry - congratulations to all of us. We feel extremely proud and excited to be a part of it

Wish us luck for Tuesday and, until next week, happy shoemaking!