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Friday, 21 October 2016

Student Shoes, Leathersellers and St. Crispin's Sale

Welcome back shoe enthusiasts....we promised to show you the students' work from the most recent course and here it is (with a sneak pair of Barkan boots in the middle)!

As you can see there were some very happy faces at the end of two intensive weeks of shoemaking last Saturday, not surprising as Weifen and Nicole made some great looking shoes.

A quick reminder, as the GB pound is at an all-time low, NOW is the time to get booking on our shoemaking courses here in London in January or in New York next'll be saving almost 20%. (Even if the exchange rate improves, it's going to take a while, so staying in London will be much more affordable).

As you know it is Cockpit Arts 30th Anniversary, so we were delighted to be invited to celebrate the occasion at The Leathersellers new Hall in Bishopsgate a couple of evenings ago. 

As you can see, the Hall is unlike traditional Guild Halls and is very modern in feel with leather panelling, decoration and features by Bill Amberg Studio, 

a Chihuly glass installation taking centre stage in one of the rooms 

...and a fascinating juxtaposition of old and new with the beautiful church next door. 

The evening was all the more interesting as one of our evening class students, who works for Bill Amberg Studio, has been working on the Hall, so it was lovely to see in person what she has been involved in creating

and to hear from Bill about their involvement.

Bill Amberg of Bill Amberg Studio and Vanessa Swann, CEO of Cockpit Arts
 It was also lovely to see a couple of Carreduckers on guests in the room. A pair of our signature HalfCuts sported by Rob Caunt and Snape Barkans sported by Hugo (below)....

Hugo in Snape Barkans with a lightweight white rubber sole

Rob Caunt's black and red half-cuts, a good few years old now and still looking good
Thanks guys...a heartening moment.

Finally, for any of you who fancy getting your hands on a pair of resort shoes we are having a special, St Crispin's Day end of season sale starting (naturally), next Tuesday, 25th October. All Winkers sold from stock are just £100 so don't forget to visit our website. 
Until next week, happy shopping and shoemaking!