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Friday, 14 October 2016

GB Pound At Historic Low - Carreducker Courses Even More Affordable!

Welcome back fellow shoe fans. Breaking news is that the GB Pound is at an historic low against most currencies, especially the US dollar. So if you were thinking about booking a course with us, you already have a huge discount.

And the weak Pound means London is a more affordable place to visit and stay.

£1 = 1.1 Euro today compared with 1.3 Euro six months ago
£1 = $1.22 today compared with $1.54 six months ago

So if you are from overseas and want to learn how to make a pair of shoes in the world-renowned, English West End tradition with Carreducker, then why not sign up to one of our courses here in London or New York? 

Booking forms for all 2017 courses are available on our website. Just pick the city and course you are interested in and download.

And speaking of courses, we have had our October Intensive Course running these past 2 weeks and a bevelled waist masterclass with an old student who is improving his skills 

Here's a glimpse of what they've been up to...

From the get-go the comprehensive set of Shoemaking School course notes and personal notes help students to stay on track with the 200 steps in handsewing a pair of welted shoes

Making holes in the holdfast

Manicure and shoemaking - does it work? Let's see....

Holdfast ready with holes marked and made

Hand welting - getting under way



Welt finished
They have built heels and are now rasping as I write so we'll show you the results next week.

Matt, who previously did our Pattern Making for Bespoke Shoes and Intensive Shoemaking courses and then spent time in Italy improving his skills, returned for a shoemaking masterclass in bevelled and fiddle waists. He finished his shoes this week and was thrilled with the results.

Until next week, when we're announcing our St Crispin's Day Shoe Sale, happy shoemaking!