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Friday, 16 September 2016

New Bespoke Shoes

Hello everyone, a warm welcome to the Carreducker blog. We hope you have had a good week and that you enjoy the post

This week we are posting three pairs of new bespoke shoes which we really like

The first is a pair of boots which we made for a US customer. He saw a pair of ready to wear boots which he wanted made on his bespoke lasts. So we took the design and tweaked it in line with his choices.

We used Italian veg tanned leather which, while it starts out quite bright, will darken with age and develop a natural patina which will be beautiful. We love these boots

They are a really simple derby style workboot with ski hooks and eyelets.

Where we have changed them is to give them a leather sole and then cement a commando sole and heel top piece. This gives them a more hand crafted look while retaining the rugged look of the original pair which inspired these.

Next is a simple pair of black derby shoes notable for the very round toe shape and the adjustment we had to make after the customer had worn them a few times.

These are the original ones before the adjustment

But the customer came back saying he was slipping in the wet, so we put a sticker sole on and this is one of the fun parts of shoemaking where an unexpected change really enhances the shoes. We love this new look for these shoes.

The last pair is a pair of saddle derby shoes inspired by a pair we made a few years ago in canvas and deer skin.

We managed to find a piece of the original canvas which we used and had saved - it sometimes pays to a have a hoarders mentality!

But this time we used an oiled veg tanned goats skin from Italy which we thought was really beautiful.

We kept the 3 perforations in the saddle.

But we changed the toe shape to the customer's taste.

And burnished the leather to give it a more patinated finish.

All in all a very handsome shoe. The customer was delighted and is thinking about his second pair.

And that is it for this week. We hope you have a good week yourselves and until next time, happy shoemaking!