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Saturday, 30 July 2016

Pattern Making For Bespoke Shoes Summer Course

Hello again, one and all. Welcome back to the Carreducker shoemaking blog where Summer School is upon us.

Yesterday our Pattern Making for Bespoke Shoes course finished and on Monday, our Handsewn Shoemaking course starts and runs for an intensive 12 days.
Getting used to a new space meant a little tweaking of the layout - from L shape to classroom
The 5-day Pattern Making course takes students through the essentials of pattern making for shoes in a straightforward and practical way. 

From standard to pattern pieces
It includes taping up the last; drawing on the design; making the standard; making the mean form; edge treatments; allowances; and everything else you need to create patterns that really work. 

Time for design and leather discussions
The students also learn how to make patterns for the three most popular styles - the court shoe, the Oxford and the Derby - giving them a basis from which to create their own designs. Here's a glimpse of their busy week.

Essential tools

Adding underlay and lasting allowances
Seam lines cut out and allowances marked

Useful pattern sections 

Will checking the pattern pieces work together

Fatima and Will wielding their scalpels

Lena receiving some one-to-one tuition with Fiona

Fiona advising Lisle on measurements 
That's all for this week. As you can see it's been a busy one. More news from a packed English welted, handsewn shoemaking class next week and the dates for 2016 - 2017 classes and courses with Carreducker. 

Until then happy shoemaking!