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Friday, 10 June 2016

Leaving it too late - beyond repair

So we promised a shoemaking post after weeks of Kickstarter and here it is...the sad story of a pair of handsewn shoes and how we are bringing another pair back to life.

These once we're pimply Dainite soles but they have been worn and worn until there is nothing left!

This was a hold fast in a 6mm thick insole, now compressed to less than 3mmm

This was the rubber insole

This was the heel - not the original I hasten to add!

The inside of the sock

The insole

You know us...we encourage clients to wear their shoes in gradually until they make an imprint on their insoles....but this is a little extreme.

So what can we do? Nothing this time. These will be replaced by a new pair of shoes! 

Fortunately we got to see the client's second pair in time. This time we have cut away the welt at the toe and welted in a new piece before we re-stitch the sole and add a new, thick rubber sticker sole.

Next week we'll show you how we get them back on the road. Until then happy shoemaking (or repairs!)