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Friday, 8 April 2016

Winkers are here!

After nearly a year in development we're delighted to announce that the Winkers Resort Shoes Great British Seaside collection is now available to buy online at our new e-commerce shop.

We've taken them to Sussex and Cornwall to give you a flavour of just how well they look by the sea... the countryside

 and around town.

The overall feedback from our Kickstarter champions - those intrepid early adopters who made all this possible - has been really positive. "Perfect fit", "The first pair of shoes that perfectly fit the shape of my foot" and "Whooshes of praise for their elegance" are just some of the comments that they have received. 

So if you're looking for a pair of stylish summer shoes, then look no further. 
(As a slip-on they are naturally a snug fit, so do opt for a half size bigger than you would normally wear).

Like all new shoes, when they arrive they'll need breaking in:

  • Wear them in a little bit at a time at home 
  • Wear them with socks to start with as you won't be used to going bare foot (you might want to stay behind close doors for this bit)
  • Scuff the soles so that they are not too slippy

And then post your pictures on our Winkers Facebook page so that everyone else can see how what you've worn yours with and where you've worn them. There will be prizes for the most intrepid Winkers photographed!

There are more bespoke updates in the offing, but that's all from us for now, so until next week, happy shoemaking!