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Friday, 11 March 2016

Beautiful Burgundy Oxfords and Cockpit Arts 30th Anniversary

Another week and another pair of beautiful shoes are delivered. It's actually been a busy bespoke week and we are delighted to see that bespoke shoe customers are getting even braver in their colour, style and detailing choices. Nothing to scare the horses you understand, but a move away from standard black and brown, as you can see with the beautiful claret Oxfords in the pics below!  

It's also something of a year of celebration. Cockpit Artsour workshop home, since 2004, is itself celebrating something of a milestone, 30 years! 

Those of you who already visit Cockpit during its twice yearly Open Studios will know what a wonderful place it is and what a wonderful job it does in nurturing and showcasing creative businesses. We've been helped enormously over the years. But if you have never visited, then please take a look at this film for an inspiring taste of what you've been missing. 

As the next Open Studios is at the beginning of June, it's not too late to pay a visit. For Holborn Open Studios the dates are 2nd - 5th June and for Deptford they are 10th - 12th June. 

If you come to Holborn, we will be selling our new Winkers Resort Shoes 

and taking taking orders on the new Desert Boot we are working. 

Plus we're in one of the loveliest, most villagey areas of London...Lamb's Conduit Street around the corner with it's independent shops and cafes, 

Bea's Coffee Shop for cake and across the road, great pizza at the Cafe in Lincolns Inn Fields. Plus one of our favourite London Museums, the Sir John Soanes

There's the Brunswick Centre for shopping and Bloomsbury Square for soaking up the sun. Not a bad way to spend the day.

So see you in June? Until then, happy shoemaking!