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Friday, 26 February 2016

Kings X Cool and the Carreducker School of Tassel Making

Hello again lovely shoe people of the world. We hope you have had a good week.

Chez Carreducker, it's been a week focused on planning and we're delighted to announce that we will be running a new, short one day class in the summer / early autumn - Tassel Making. Now this is a course unlike any we have run before as it focuses one aspect of shoe decoration - the tassel - and is run by our good friend and leather specialist, Wilma Tasseldoux!

Three of the different types of tassel used on shoes - the Lantern, Roll-up and Gladiator Tassel

The class is for beginners and the experienced alike and will be run here, at Cockpit Arts. It'll be a relaxed, leisurely affair. Although we're still fine tuning the detail, we're thinking:
- 10 - 15 students at a time
- four hours of teaching time with a one hour lunch break in the midst to sample some of the delicious fair at one of Lamb's Conduit Street's fantastic cafes 
- all materials provided
- the choice of making up to three tassels to be worn as a zip pull, a bag accessory or in your hair.

The photos below give a taster of some of the different stages of tassel making...

Precision punching before the Gladiator tassel is rolled up

Applying coloured stripes to finish the rolled Gladiator
And a second layer of colour detail...

And the finished tassels in all their glory...

The Gladiator (so named because of the Roman-esque 'skirt') 
The Roll-Up with brass pin detail

The Lantern, Roll-Up and Gladiator

We'll let you know the details once we have a details plan and timetable...we thought it might be fun as a mother/daughter, group of friends, birthday gift kind of thing? What do you think? A good idea? Would you be interested in joining the course and rolling some tassels of your own - let us know!

In the mean time, we were thrilled to be included in the latest edition of Gasholder as one of the hip things in and around Kings X. Thanks for the great spread guys! And thanks to our mate Tom Broughton of Cubitts eyewear for the intro.

We were also featured in a Chinese fashion news piece, but we don't know what it says. We hope it was favourable! Thank you Aubrey for including us

Until next week happy shoemaking!

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