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Friday, 23 September 2016

What's New In The Tool Shed

Once more i=unto the breach, dear readers. Another exciting week in the lives of the Carreducker shoemakers. We have both been wearing shoes which our apprentice Alistair made for us. This is a great feeling and quite a proud moment. Well done, Alistair

The Tool Shed is our online shop for specialist shoemaking tools and materials which you might find hard to find elsewhere. We sell the stuff we use ourselves, so it is all great quality and ideal for making shoes by hand.

This week we have added some new items which you might be interested in.

First up are waist irons, aimed at more experienced shoemakers, these are for making the bevelled waist - the gold standard of "West End " handmade bespoke shoes

Example of a bevelled waist

Made by legendary Sheffield tool makers Barnsley, we are selling them in 4 sizes for £63.90 plus shipping to anywhere in the world

Next up is the craft paste we use, made by Hirschkleber in Germany, this is a water based paste which dries hard, perfect for toe puffs and stiffeners. It has a 2 hour drying time (approximately), giving you plenty of time for lasting. It has the advantage of being 'revivable' with water, making repairs and remakes much easier.
Available in 600g tubs for £13 plus shipping in the Tool Shed

And last but not least, we are selling cork sheeting, ideal for filling the fore part of your shoes. It can also be used for fitting up lasts. Should be enough for 2 plus pairs of shoes.
We are selling a 50cm x 50cm sheet cut in half and rolled for ease of shipping. It costs £6.70 plus shipping

All are available now in Tool Shed and can be shipped anywhere in the world

And that is it for this week, folks. Until next time, happy shoemaking!

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