New bespoke shoes and counting down to the Barkan Desert Boot Kickstarter Campaign Launch

Welcome back, shoe folk of the world.

We promised you some new bespoke shoes this week and here they are, two pairs of loafers in Inkwell navy blue calf with black finish... 

...and in a beautifully supple, butterscotch, waxed, veg tanned mountain goat leather with a natural, polished finish.

Both are lined in our favourite jewel kid colours. Keeping things buttery, the butterscotch is lined in a buttercup yellow and the Inkwell in sky blue.

Other news in our shoemaking world is the countdown to the launch of our next Kickstarter campaign for the Barkan Desert Boot. It's an exciting moment and we really hope that people flock to this one because there are some fantastic early bird rewards. Shoehorns, boot bags, shoelaces for pledges of £30 or so and boot rewards from £125.

We'll let you know as soon as it goes live next weekend if you fancy grabbing yourself a pair of these...

Until then, it's back to the bespoke bench for us - happy shoemaking!