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Friday, 4 December 2015

Lantern Tassel Loafers

Guess what guys? We reached our funding goal on Kickstarter with a week to go. Busily putting the rest of the project into action. Exciting times!

We just had a rather lovely pair of suede loafers back form the last maker who has made the bespoke trees.

This is a bespoke customer who has rather large, wide feet. So, while the last might not be the most pleasing aesthetically, the most important thing is that they fit him and are comfortable

They are made from reverse suede which is best kind. Most suede you get is a split, so it has pile on both sides. A reverse suede is the the skin side on the reverse and the pile is only on the flesh side. It is of a much higher quality and will look good for longer

They have no apron/lake which makes them very simple and stylish. They have a 3/16" sole and a bevelled waist with a natural finish which accentuates the woody grain of the leather.

Perhaps the most interesting feature is the tassels. Or are they toggles? They don't conform to the usual tassel format and are made from lizard skin, cut into thin strips and glued around a wooden bead. They are made by our resident tassel and leather edge treatment expert, Wilma Tasseldoux, who, in 2016, will be running a series of weekend classes at Carreducker in tassel making

Express your interest now!

So, another busy week ends on a high. 2016 is going to be a big one for us!

Until next week, happy shoemaking!