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Friday, 11 September 2015

Carreducker do Linea Pelle September 2015 - Part 1

Over the alps
It's been a good few years since we last ventured into the world of temptation that is Linea Pelle, but venture we did earlier this week! We last went when the fair was in Bologna, Italy but it is now based in Milan alongside some rather wonderful pavilions that form Milan Expo 2015.

But it was no less of a marathon this time and we have the blisters to prove it. I challenge any pair of shoes not to twinge a little after 34,000 steps over two days...just ask my toes. (To give you a sense of scale each of the boxes below is the size of a large aeroplane hanger).

Anyway, although we came with a clear idea of what we wanted to see and who we wanted to meet, it was impossible not to walk the entire show...just out of curiosity..we didn't want to miss anything. Of course there were stands that weren't our cup of tea - too fashion focused, too synthetic or too large - but there were many many stands that caught our eye.

So here's a snapshot...the first part of two...sharing our highlights and some of the delights of Milan.

Mr Ducker & Mme Carre
Glossy stands
Laces galore...
Threads, threads and more threads
Fascinating innovations like this reversible studded tread. Easily adjustable with
studs out for snow or rain and studs in for indoors wear
Buckles and belts displayed in glass cases like a row of slumbering snakes
Familiar items...glue boys, leather pens...
wooden pegs, lasting pliers
and hammers and nails.
Ideas for shoe bags in every shade of colour
Almost limitless choice when it comes to rubber soles, sole sheeting and moulded soles....
actually they will create what you want as long as the volume is enough.
Moulding and embossing....
make for an interesting mix of rubberised typography and pimple patterns
instead of broguing
One of my favourites for many types, sizes
and colours of ski hooks, eyelets, rivets etc. can there be>
Some stands had an element of mystery...

and other couldn't help but catch the eye
(This is taken standing in the middle of one of the halls looking across half its width). 
Soling technology was all about lightness and 
Insoling technology

Twist and woven thonging
Moulded soles
Wonderful webbing...
and wonderful elastics - felted, woollen, coloured, glitzy and herringbone
Comfort soles for running
...and walking. Could have done with these for the show!
Our favourite polishes...and polishing mitts

And lots and lots of luxurious veg. tan leathers

Some good tanning storytelling

Like a kid in a sweet shop!


And some of the best posters and displays for storytelling and styling 

Most fun was bumping into Rowan Edwards, shoe school alumni and now busy getting those all important first samples together for his own footwear brand. We love the aesthetic of his shoes and boots so can't wait to see what he comes up with in 2016!

And to top it all we bumped into the A&A Crack team on the plane on the way back! Whew! 

Anyway, I'm off to row the River Thames tomorrow - just 21 miles (but at least I can put my feet up) wish me luck and if you would like to sponsor me please do's all in a good cause. 

Until next week, happy shoemaking!