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Friday, 17 July 2015

10,000 miles for shoemaking

Welcome back shoe fans and here's the promised update on Olivia's shoes. 

Olivia has been with us for the last fortnight for some one-to-one training. (Don't worry, she didn't do a 20,000 mile round trip just for shoemaking, although as you can see, the results were well worth it. She's had a busy few weeks going from the very elegant role of being a glamorous bridesmaid to the slightly more physical, of learning handsewn shoemaking).

Anyway, here are the fruits of her labours. 

Realising just how important finishing is...and how much it is worth spending time doing well
And it's quite a satisfying activity!
A good pair of straight, matching heels
Matching toes...
And even time for a military shine!
Capturing the results of all of her hard work...quite right too! 
There were nerves all around as she put them on.
Would they be too small as she feared? 
No! Relief all around. In fact, as Olivia has slim feet we inserted a full sock
with a foam forepart to take up some of the room. Then they were a perfect fit!
And not only did Olivia make a fine pair of shoes, but we were treated to a box full of
chocolatey Mast Brothers delights at the end. Yum!
It's been a great two weeks and we look forward to seeing Olivia's next pair of shoes. She headed back on the long flight back to Melbourne with a making pack, lasts and uppers all set to make these beauties...a pair of plain black Oxfords.


Until next week, happy shoemaking!