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Friday, 29 May 2015

New York Shoe Making - New Shoes

We promised you photos of the final few class hours and most importantly the's the very high quality results!

Natural sole and dark polish edges...a bit of whose were the best?
Black sole and edge finish
Capturing the class in action
Joseph shaking up Silicone valley with his contrast toes and natural polished edges
Roberto showing off some excellent patina on his toes 
Sharon delighted with her super-shiny brown shoes
Wilkie proud of his shoes
A happy Beatrice
Great, sharp edges thanks to some energetic sanding!

Tired but happy the class enjoyed a lovely lunch at ISA on Wythe Avenue
Congratulations from both of us!
Then, after a post-class toast with Tom, Marika and Jim  it was straight out to the airport for me...
And back to London for Sunday lunch
It's been a great trip. A huge thank you to a hard working class and for treating us both to lunch; to Brooklyn Bespoke for a fabulous venue; to Jesse, Tom and Jack for their warm hospitality; and to Williamsburg for being the best borough!