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Friday, 20 February 2015

Shoe School Style 2

We gave you a glimpse of our students' work recently and , as we promised more shoes this week, here's a selection of wonderful student work both past and present. Over the years that we have been teaching we have fine tuned our courses to suit beginners and experienced alike, so that everyone ends up with a pair of shoes that they can be proud of.  

Chris's dark polished, natural finish

We now offer students a little more choice in their shoes. The Derby (shown) is still our preferred style because it offers such a flexible fit, but students can now choose from three upper colours - tan, dark brown or black - and a natural polished or inked/waxed finish. Time-permitting, they can even tackle sole patterns and military shines! Also, students who order bespoke lasts, can choose a shoe style of their choice. 

Nick's black inked and waxed finish

Caroline's light polished finish

Contrasting laces for a fresh look

 As we said, if time permits we let them go crazy in the detail...

With elegant waist patterns

and waist and nail patterns

Perhaps what is most rewarding is to see how many students get back in touch after the course to say how much they enjoyed it and to order materials, packs and uppers to keep making shoes. Somehow they fit the making into already busy lives as work, studies, family and life allows...but continue making they do!

Like these beautiful boots by Adam (a dentist!)...

And these by Nazim - note the sturdy Rendenbach soles

We hope that, if you aren't already making shoes you will be inspired to try your hand at the oldest craft known to man!   Until next week - when we'll have a round up from The Independent Shoemakers Conference in Northampton, taking place this Saturday - happy shoemaking and happy Chinese New Year!