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Friday, 18 April 2014

New Shoes

As it is Easter this weekend, today and Monday are national holidays in the UK, so we are going with the flow and both taking a break from shoemaking!

But rather than leave you with nothing to look at, we have posted some of our favourite recent shoes. Hope you like them

First up is a pair of our classic Half -Cut shoes in espresso box calf with a royal blue flash in glace kid. With matching lining. These were made on bespoke lasts and were the customer's second pair. A great choice.

 We added the little tab at the top at the back for strength.

Next up is a pair of Brogue Oxfords in burgundy calf with canary yellow glace kid lining. The customer's third pair, he wanted something a little dressier, so we made the toe a little pointier. The black finish is an unusual touch (burgundy shoes are usually finished brown) and the customer's initials are the medallion on the toe - TW. This is the sort of touch bespoke shoes can offer.

 Our signature punch detail on the counter.

The monogram is very subtle, but the customer knows it's there, and that is what counts!

Last up is a pair of derby boots in weasel Auctioneer Reverse Suede and parchment St Crispins Baby Calf. The suede is the good stuff which has the skin side in the other side, not a lesser quality split. And the calf is a veg tanned baby calf which is super soft and burnishes really nicely. It also ages well and develops a beautiful patina over time.
With three piece boot trees and espresso kid lining, these are a handsome pair of boots.

We particularly like the binding on the top line and double stitching.

And that is that, dear readers. We will be eating chocolate and having a well earned break. 2014 is proving to be a good year - long may it continue for all of us.

Happy Easter and happy shoemaking!