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Friday, 22 November 2013

Lasts For Sale

Hello, dear shoefolk of the world.  Welcome back to your weekly fix of all things shoe. We hope you have had a productive week.

Following on from the last two weeks, here are the finished shoes, repaired, with new soles and new top pieces on the heels. And beautifully polished of course. Not quite good as new but a real transformation and they will have a good few years of life left in them.

 These are the socks from them which have nine year's wear and are in pretty good condition. I find it fascinating how the foot imprints into the leather. I also think it has lasted amazingly well. Leather is a fantastic material.

We have been having a well needed clear out and came across a large box of old and sadly unwanted lasts. So we have decided to sell them. We are going to start with our loyal readers to give you the first chance to grab them.

The following photos show the toe shapes and the caption says what the size and heel height are. Some are standard sized lasts and some are bespoke ones. All are wood and have been used to make shoes.  So it is a mixed bunch and they are sold as seen with no returns.
Some are old, some new. Some are Spanish but most are from England.

If you want a specific pair, email us at with the Picture Number of the pair you want and a postal address. They cost £35 plus shipping anywhere in the world. Sample prices for shipping, depending on size, are:

UK £4 -£7
USA £18 - £29
Australia £19 - £31

Please ask for other countries

We will take PayPal only - destination address will be included in emails.

Picture 1, Men's lasts, size 9D, 3cm heel height

Picture 2, Ladies' lasts, size 6,5cm heel height

Picture 3, ladies' lasts, size 5.5, 3cm heel height

Picture 4, Ladies' lasts, size 9, 4.5cm heel height

Picture 5, ladies' lasts, sizes as shown, 3.5cm heel height

Picture 6, ladies lasts, size 7, 3.5cm heel height

Picture 7, Men's boot lasts, size 11, 2.3cm heel height

Picture 8, Ladies' lasts, size 10, 5.5cm heel height

Picture 9, Men's boot lasts, size 10, 2.3cm heel height

Picture 10, Ladies' lasts, size 8, 4cm heel height

Picture 11, Ladies' lasts, size 8, 4.5cm heel height

And so another post draws to an end. We hope you have enjoyed it and maybe want one of the pairs of lasts. Please get in touch.

And if you are a regular reader, please become a follower. It only takes a second and it helps us greatly. Thank you and, until next week, happy shoemaking!