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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Final Day Of Second Summer Intensive Shoemaking Course

And so we reach the last day of our second Intensive Shoemaking Course of August 2013.

We have had so much demand that, instead of turning students away, we have put on two new courses - the one we finished today and one in October. There is a place on that if you want to do it.

So, after two weeks (twelve days in fact with one day off) of working eight hours a day, our intrepid shoemakers reached their own personal Everest of finishing a pair of fully handsewn shoes.

We waxed, polished and pulled the lasts, at which point they tried on the shoes. Luckily, after all their work, the shoes fitted pretty well. We put in socks, went for lunch, had cake and prosecco and said goodbye.

Proud Students With Their Beautiful Shoes

And A Very Proud Teacher

They were a very capable group and a lovely bunch of people. But it's back to their real lives on Monday. They return with a pair of shoes; a great experience; and a very enriching new skill.

I can't wait for the next course. Roll on October!

Until next week, happy shoemaking.