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Friday, 23 August 2013

Second Intensive Shoemaking Course

Hello world, welcome back.

This week saw the start of our second intensive shoemaking course of the summer. Another lovely group of aspiring shoemakers from around the world. This time we have a Russian, a New Zealander, an Italian, an American and two Enlglish lads.

We have followed the same processes as the previous course. So if you want to see what we do in more detail, please look back at the posts of the last couple of weeks.

Today we finished welting and tomorrow we will start the soles.

We always knew that our bespoke trees were fantastic but it is gratifying to see it confirmed by the Rake.  These beauties are three piece boot trees which fit together like mini puzzles (with an L and a R for those who get stuck). Made from untreated maple, they are light and wick away any moisture from the boots. Please have a look.

Until next week, happy shoemaking.