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Friday, 7 June 2013

Three days of Open studios, two pattern making courses and one Billionaire!

Hello shoe fans around the world, it's been a busy week here at the carreducker studios. We are gearing up for Cockpit Arts' Open Studios this weekend where our visitors will get their first glimpse of 'The Cray Twins' - the perfect summer shoe. 

Most importantly the sun is shining; we're very excited to be making something small and beautiful to help to celebrate the Coronation Centenary next month (all very hush hush); and we've welcomed some lovely new bespoke customers to the fold, who promise us colourful creations in the future. 

Worldwide, there seems to be a growing enthusiasm for making things, including shoes, which is why you'll have seen last week that we've added two extra courses for 2013-14. 

To complement those courses we are extending our pattern making courses. 

We're delighted that Fiona Campbell will continue to offer our students her pattern making expertise. Fiona has extensive experience in all aspects of British bespoke shoemaking, has taught at Cordwainers College (now the London College of Fashion), is a lecturer at the Victoria & Albert Museum and has worked with members of the exclusive West End Master Boot Makers Society . 

We have two places remaining for her pattern making course this August and there will be additional pattern making courses in January 20 - 24th and 28th July - 1st August next year, (timed to coincide with the intensive courses). 

We also look forward to welcoming Jesse Moore to the fold as our pattern making lecturer in New York, 28th April - 2 May. Jesse has long been our generous host in New York where she runs her own bespoke shoemaking business. With a  broad skill set, informed by her fine arts background, she does all of the phases of bespoke handsewn shoemaking herself including designing, pattern making, closing and shoe making. 

 We finish this week's post with a rather timely and altogether fantastic piece on

Glorious Goodwood
 A massive thank you to Josh and Piers for making 'intensive' sound such fun and look so great!

Until next week, happy shoemaking!