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Friday, 22 March 2013

Finished finery

After the excitement of last week's fittings in Chicago, this week has been busy making adjustments to the lasts, so that we can get going and finish the shoes.

Until we get the making under way, this week we are showcasing two very different examples of what we do best - eye-catching designs, created exclusively for each customer, with a strong (but subtle) focus on detail and contrast:

This fine pair of tasselled, fringe-tongued suede loafers will be walking their owner to his wedding tomorrow at Chelsea Town Hall. (We made the tassells in black glace kid to give a little lift to the black suede and to add movement). The final touch to a most dapper wedding suit! Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Small!

And this beautiful pair our now gracing a shoe wardrobe in the US...waiting for the sun to arrive. Who says our American cousins don't have flair? We love the contrast of colour and texture between the warm toffee calf and moss green shrunken calf...delicious!

Sadly our third pair - a stunning pair of acorn and midnight blue calf saddle boots - arrived late and need a polish before we can show them to you. Three more pairs due back from the treemakers next week - so plenty of new shoes to see.

In the mean time, I'm very excited to be talking about carreducker at the Victoria and Albert Museum tomorrow, as part of the Heritage Crafts Association AGM...more on that next week, so until then happy shoemaking!