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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

London Collections: Men - Designers

London Collections: Men - Designers

I know, exciting isn't it!

We're working on a project with the very beautiful and talented tattoo artist Saira Hunjan - yes, she is the gorgeous one in the photo - and decided that the brand new London Collections: Men was a great opportunity to 'launch' the concept. The whole project is about our shared love of craft and the bespoke approach and goes under the working title, "The Tattoo Trilogy".

This is very much a work in progress and there is still some refining to be done on the designs, but we're very excited to be working with Saira. Her work is feminine, but extremely strong so it works exceptionally well with our footwear. Saira has taken traditional icons - the griffin, stag's head and thistle - and worked her magic on them to give them a new aesthetic as a tattoo 'flash'. In turn, we designed three pieces to showcase her work - a pair of rugged boots, gaiters and velvet slippers. The boots were tattooed by her fair hand, as was the canvas in the gaiters, whilst the slipper motif is being hand worked in gold thread. The longer term aim is to refine the gaiter and to translate the designs into a number of different medium - possibly broguing, laser cutting and printing - to offer a truly unique custom service.

We'll keep you posted on what the visiting press think on Friday - hopefully some of them will find their way to the goldfish bowl - and on updates as we refine the work.

(As an aside, whilst I am busy keeping the carreducker world turning and the studio running, Mr Ducker has taken a well-earned holiday to celebrate his brother's birthday in Maine. In case I wasn't jealous enough before, we're talking sunshine,chilled wine, kayaking, lobster and a hammock! I know!!!!!!).