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Saturday, 14 May 2011

carreducker Shoemaking Class, New York 2011

Apologies to one and all. There are two very good reasons why I am blogging so late.

The first is that the Blogger server has been out of action for the last 24 hours and only came back online this morning. Conspiracy theory anyone?

The second is that I am in New York and when Blogger came back to us (finally), I was already teaching the carreducker handsewn shoemaking class and had to wait till the end of the day to write today's post.

So here we are, in very sunny, warm Williamsburg, Brooklyn, hosted by the lovely Jesse Moore, bespoke shoemaker.
I have taught five days of the course already and I have to say that this group is probably the most capable one we have ever had.

There are four students this year, so there is plenty of time for individual tuition, as always, and all of them have had some shoemaking experience before. The class caters for complete beginners, but when everyone knows one end of a shoe from the other, it helps move things along at a jaunty pace.

We have sharpened our knives; prepared our insoles; skived toe puffs and stiffeners; lasted by hand; made threads; and welted by hand. We are about to start attaching the sole.
The most difficult processes are behind us and the second week should be a pleasure for the Other One, who arrives tomorrow to do her stint.

We have a student from New Zealand, one from Florida, one from Detroit and one who walks across the Williamsburg Bridge every morning from the Lower East Side.

A really nice group and it's really great to have a week of teaching. I genuinely enjoy it.  A combination of motivated students and the pleasure of sharing my skills make this a week I look forward to every year.

Here are a selection of images from the week.

Phillip lasting

Tom getting ready to put his stiffener in

Gia measuring up

Lauren lasting

Brooklyn industry


Our lovely studio

Jesse closing

Welting up close

So there you are. Hope you enjoyed the post. I go home Sunday and will spend next week at Gieves and Hawkes.

Until next time, happy shoemaking!